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The best team in the world*

* Of course we can not guarantee this 100%. We believe we are pretty awesome though. Not only because we are good at what we do, but also because we have an awesome working, and social environment. We believe in what we do, and we believe it should be fun and rewarding to go to work - every day!

What it's like :)

Working at YoungCRM is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. We strive to create the best possible working environment where our colleagues grow both professionally and personally.

A part of CompanYoung A/S

YoungCRM is a part of CompanYoung A/S. CompanYoung A/S is a company specialized in the attraction and recruitment of young talent for companies, schools and organizations.

The average age is 27 years, and the company was founded in 2009.

YoungCRM is a part of CompanYoung's product suite, and are also physically located at CompanYoung HQ in Aalborg.

Our open positions

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We typically hire..

.. people that agree with our culture, and our values. So what is our culture? Well, it's always hard to describe "a vibe". But let's give it a try. Eg. we believe in "Work Hard, Play Hard". We believe that work should be fun, challenging and rewarding. At the same time we have to be professional and extremely ambitious. Our high ambitions may never become a problem though. We know everybody is a vital part to our success, and every client matters. Big or small. Generally we believe in what we do, and we know it matters. And we need to make sure it always will.

We often look for..


Account Executives

Sales Representatives


Customer Success Specialists

Products Specialists

Our values

We are committed to our customers and our employees
We are professional in all our relationsships
We focus on adding value to our customers and employees
Value Adding
We base decisions on data, knowledge and great insights.
Data driven
Some of our awesome team members
Kevin Rebsdorf
CEO & Co-Founder
Mikkel Mathiasen
Product Owner
Kristian Vassard
Lead Developer
Erik Carrillo
Customer Manager
Emma Ortmann Pedersen
Customer Success Specialst
Jindrich Jehlika
Junior Developer
How is it working at YoungCRM?

Being a part of the YoungCRM team, is really rewarding. Not just on a professional level, but also very much so on a social level. My colleagues have become friends, and I become better professionally each and every day. YoungCRM offers me space to grow both professionally and personally.

— Kristian Vassard

FAQ about YoungCRM

Whatever questions you might have - might be answered right here 🙌 

What does YoungCRM do?

YoungCRM is a saas-software that helps employers and schools manage every step of their recruitment process with an easy-to-use platform fully adaptable to your needs.

Which kind of customers do you have?

We work together with companies and schools.

What kind of people work in YoungCRM?

In our HQ in Aalborg, you’ll find a mix of sales executives, developers, and designers. We are proud of our awesome team. They are 100% committed to building the best experience for candidates and recruiters.

Do you accept unsolicited applications?

Yes we do! Just send it here: 

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Get in touch

Are you interested in a future at YoungCRM A/S? Then don't hessitate to reach out. Either through our chat, mail or phone :) We are always open to answer your questions.

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